Out Now for Windows and Mac


“One of the most surprisingly delightful experiences I've had this year.”
- Destructoid

"In the glade, there grew a tree.
Merry, Merry king of the woods was he.
Deep in his heart lived spirits, three.
Dark secrets had this family."

In Where is my Heart? you play the story of a family of forest spirits. Their world gets broken up into fragments which you have to piece back together in your mind. Each of the three characters can transform into a magical creature along the way. The Rainbow Spirit allows you to rotate the world around and jump across space; the Bat King can see hidden platforms which only exist for him; the Antler Ancestor can jump on the stars. Help the three spirits find their home tree again!

The original version is already out on Vita and PlayStation 3, and now it's finally coming to Windows and Mac on May 29 2014 (and Linux soon after). It will be available on Steam, Humble Store, and GOG.

New Features, for Windows and Mac version:

  • five additional new levels
  • new and improved UI
  • customizable key settings
  • new level select system
  • enhanced music and art

“…An illusory puzzler that's easy to fall for.”
- Edge Magazine
“Watch out for this developer, it's on a roll.”
- Euro Gamer
“…extremely well designed as a game and incredibly charming.”
- PSPminis
“Where Is My Heart? is as charming as it is mind-boggling; it is mysterious and whimsical, and yet deeply organised...”
- ablegamers
“…Where Is My Heart? revels in simplicity, beauty and restraint, yet the experience tempers such qualities by proving challenging, infuriating and exhausting. Not unlike love itself..”
- Edge
“Where Is My Heart? is a one-of-a-kind game. It's a special experience--the kind that doesn't come along too often.”
- Game Zone


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A game by Die Gute Fabrik.

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